The advantages of filing tax yourself are self-evident. The biggest advantage is that you will save money that you would otherwise have to pay to the professional for tax preparation and filing. It is also a good way to make yourself familiar with your income, expenditure and budgetary practices. Some people also feel good doing things themselves. Then again there are some considerations before you decide to do the tax preparation and filing yourself.

Invitation Cards

If it is something as simple and making invitation cards, then you can do it yourself, but you would not attempt this with open heart surgery.

Less Income

This is the reason that if you have an income less than $57,000 per year and only one or two streams of income, then you can probably do the filing yourself.

Income Deductions

On the contrary, if you are running your own business, qualify for some deductions or have income coming in from many independent sources then it is advisable to hire a professional for the job.

Also, keep in mind the time that it will take for you to do the tax preparation and filing. Some people just think about saving money, but they forget that time also has value. If you are going to have to spend 2-3 days on your tax preparation and filing then what will the cost be regarding the time taken away from your career? You may think that it is expensive to hire a professional, but in some cases, it is even more costly not to hire one.

Hiring An Individual

It can be beneficial for you to hire an individual to do your tax preparation and filing because you know that they will take their time and find every deduction that you may be eligible for. They will not hurry through the work and will do it at a decent pace.


Some experienced tax preparation professionals will ask you questions to find out if you may be eligible for some deductions that they know about which companies may overlook, and software doesn’t know. The Internal Revenue Service will be able to direct you to some free and low-cost options.